“VETSINTEZ” is a manufacturer of veterinary medications according to the world quality standards GMP, GMP+ and ISO 9001:2015

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“VETSINTEZ” is the leading manufacture of veterinary drugs of the Ukrainian market for with more than 20 years of experience in production and with a wide products range, including unique patented drugs, with modern production and technological complex and latest research laboratory and a professional team, most of which are candidates of science, specialists with higher veterinary, pharmaceutical and medical educations.

The production

  • Advanced equipment from foreign manufacturers
  • Professional team doctors of veterinary medicine, pharmacists, technologists and laboratory technicians
  • Manufacturing of patented unique veterinary drugs
  • Works in accordance with the international GMP standard - quality control of drugs at every stage of the production cycle, from incoming raw materials to finished products arriving at the warehouse.

Svetlana Nesterenko


Quality, reliability and success - three pillars on which “VETSINTEZ” stands.

Global GMP and ISO standards ensure the quality and the reliability of our products.The enthusiastic approach of our team of professionals to their work has led us to the leadership in the veterinary industry.

The laboratory

  • Chemical analytical laboratory - continuous quality monitoring of the incoming raw materials, auxiliary substances and finished products
  • Bacteriological laboratory - helps our partners in solving current issues related to diagnosis, prevention and treatment of animals
  • Research laboratory - developing new and improving the existing veterinary drugs and feed additives, creating laboratory models of new drugs and studying their physical and chemical properties and stability

We cooperate with leaders


Manufacturer of veterinary drugs

"Vetsintez" - one of the first companies-manufacturers of veterinary medicines, which started to conduct a comprehensive work on the implementation of GMP rules and requirements in production practice. For their implementation in "Vetsintez" a large and laborious work was carried out, including the implementation of the basic principles of good manufacturing practice. And as a result, in 2013, the GMP certificate has been received. This enabled  "Vetsintez" to represent its products not only in CIS, but also throughout the world.