Contract manufacturing

We can turn any of your ideas into a unique project
We can turn any of your ideas into a unique project
Vetsintez LLC has been successfully operating in the contract manufacturing market for many years.

Our advantages


All our production shops and laboratories are equipped with modern high-performance pharmaceutical equipment of the best foreign companies, clean and controlled production areas. Strict compliance with GMP, GMP+ and ISO standards, highly qualified personnel with extensive experience in the production and development of new veterinary drugs, feed additives and hygiene products make our company the most attractive partner for contract production.


Chemical and analytical laboratory

Bacteriological laboratory

Research laboratory


Vetsintez LLC has large production warehouses that are equipped with climate control systems for storing raw materials and finished products.

The wide logistics system of our company allows you to deliver your cargo to any point in Ukraine and nearby countries in the shortest possible time.


Since 2006, the company has implemented and operates a quality management system in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard, which allows the company to maintain stable product quality.

In 2013, we received an international certificate of compliance with the GMP standard of Good Manufacturing Practice, which defines the rules and regulations that ensure high quality of the production process at all stages, including those related to storage and testing of products.

In order to ensure the safety of feed and provide guarantees to consumers regarding the proper production, processing, trade, storage and transportation of feed additives, Vetsintez has implemented the GMP+B1 "Production, trade and services" standard.

GMP+ certification shows the high quality of production control and professionalism of employees, as well as a guarantee and proof that the company complies with international standards, including EU regulatory requirements.

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Dosage forms

As a manufacturer, we are very happy and interested in accepting orders from companies that want to create a unique product under their own brand, on our technical base.

A wide range of products allows our company to hold a leading position in the contract manufacturing market. Ordering from us, you are guaranteed to get the highest quality product with all your wishes in mind.


Our production

Vetsintez LLC accepts orders for the production of products under the trademarks of other organizations.

Comprehensive solution of clients' tasks of any complexity.

We are ready to take on the responsibility of manufacturing products "turnkey" - from development and registration to shipment to the customer, just come to us with an idea - we will make it a reality.


formulation development

- realization of research

- preparation of the marketing authorisation file

- registration and certification of products

- development of packaging design

- production and packaging of products

- storage of products before shipment to the customer in our warehouse areas

- delivery to the customer's warehouse in a convenient time for you