Ingredients: Bromhexine hydrochloride, Menthol
Application: Oral
Type of formulation: Anti-inflammatory


Oily liquid from colorless to light-yellow color with a specific odor of the components.


Each 1 mL contains the active ingredients:
Bromhexine hydrochloride - 20 mg.
Menthol - 8 mg.


BROMENHYL is a combined medication which includes menthol and bromhexine hydrochloride.

Menthol regulates the permeability and vascular tone, reflex vasodilation of the heart, brain and lungs. Menthol stimulates the respiratory center, has analgesic and mild antiseptic effect. Menthol increases appetite, enhances the secretion of saliva and intestinal peristalsis, stimulates the secretion of digestive glands.

Bromhexine has mucolytic (secretolytic) and expectorant action. 

A mucolytic effect is associated with depolymerization and rarefaction of mucopolysaccharide fibers and improves sputum discharge, thereby facilitating breathing. One important feature of bromhexine action is its ability to stimulate the formation of surfactant - surface-active agent with lipid-protein-mucopolysaccharide nature that is synthesized in alveolar cells. Bio-synthesis of surfactant is disturbed during respiratory diseases caused by mycoplasma gallisepticum, mycoplasma synoviae, ornithobacterium, rhinotracheale.  This leads to destabilization of alveolar cells, weakening their reaction to adverse effects.

The combination of the active ingredients has mucolytic and expectorant action, helps the excretion of mucus and exudates from the trachea and nasal passages.


Treating of poultry (broilers and replacements) during respiratory diseases of various etiologies, including those caused by bacteria and viruses, which are accompanied by increased secretion of mucus, and to treat sneezing when breathing is difficult.


Orally with drinking water at the following doses:

1 ml per 4-8 liters of drinking water, for 3-5 days.

In severe disease: 1 liter of the medication per 4000 liters of drinking water daily for 3-5 days.

The solution is prepared in a ratio of not less than 1: 40 (medication:drinking water), preferably by adding and mixing the preparation with warm drinking water. The solution is immediately added to the required amount of drinking water according to the required amount of water for individual age categories of birds. During treatment, poultry should receive only the water that contains the medication as the only source of drinking water. The solution should be prepared every 24 hours.


Do not use in poultry with hypersensitivity to the ingredients!
Do not use in laying hens producing eggs for human consumption.
This medication is not compatible with codeine drugs and alkaline solutions.


There are no adverse reactions or complications if used at the recommended doses.

In some rare individual cases - dyspeptic symptoms, increased cough and bronchospasm.


Poultry may only be slaughtered for human consumption after 24 hours (1 day) from the last treatment.


Neutral glass ampoules of 0.5 and 1 mL.
Glass vials of 10, 20, 50 and 100 mL. Secondary packaging – box.
Polymeric bottles of 1 and 5 liters.


In a dark, dry place, at 5ºС – 25ºС.
Keep out of reach of children.
Shelf life: 2 years.

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