Ingredients: - (35 ± 5 cm): - fenthion - 0.5-0.7 g- (65 ± 5 cm): - fenthion - 1.4-1.6 g.
Application: For external use
Type of formulation: Antiparasitic


Polymeric tape with a blue buckle, with a specific smell of components.


1 g of collar contains active ingredients:

fenthion – 50 mg;

Excipients: isopropyl alcohol, special solvent, polyvinyl chloride tape. 

Pharmacological properties

ATCvet QP53, ectoparasiticides, insecticides and repellents 

Pharmacological properties of the collar are due to the properties of the active ingredient. Fenthion is a thiophosphororganic insecticide; its mechanism of action involves blocking the acetylcholinesterase enzyme in the neural synapses of a parasite, resulting in its death. Fenthion poorly penetrates the blood-brain barrier of warm-blooded animals. 

The active ingredient, which is a component of the collar, is gradually released from the surface of the tape onto the animal's hair, acting as acaricide, insecticide and ovocide.  

The collar is well tolerated by animals, has no local irritative, skin-resorptive and sensitizing effect.

Directions for use

Prevention and treatment of dogs in ectoparasitic infestations: fleas (Ctenocephalides canis, Pulex irritans), lice (Linognathus setosus), biting lice (Ttrichodectes canis) and mites (Otodectes canis, Demodex canis).


The collar is removed from the package and put on the neck of the animal, being fixed in such a way that there is a space of 2-3 cm between the neck and the collar, then secured with a buckle, and the excess is cut off. 

The collar shall sit loose on the neck and not restrain the growth of the animal. When fit properly, the collar in a secured position shall move loosely around the neck. 


Do not use on sick, exhausted and weakened animals!

Do not use on animals with known hypersensitivity to fenthion!

Do not use on puppies before they reach 6-months age!

Do not use on females during pregnancy and lactation!


In case of increased sensitivity of the owner of the animal to fenthion, and in case of any scratches and skin lesions on hands, wear rubber gloves when putting the collar on the animal.

After wearing the collar, carefully wash your hands with warm water and soap. 

Avoid contact of small children with animals wearing collars.

Pharmacetical form

Collars for dogs are produced of the following size:

Collars for small dogs and puppies 35±5 cm long.

Collars for large dogs 65±5 cm long.

Collars for large dogs 80±5 cm long.

Collars are hermetically packed in packages, which, together with information leaflets, are packed in cardboard boxes.

Storage conditions

Store the collar in a sealed original packaging, out of the reach of children and animals, separate from food and feed, at a temperature of 5 to 25 °C.

Shelf life 

2 years.

For use in veterinary medicine!

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