Ingredients: Fenthion
Application: External use
Type of formulation: Inseсto-acaricides


A yellowish to red-brown, oily liquid with a characteristic odor of the components.


1 mL of solution contains:

The active substance:

Fenthion – 30.0 mg;


1.2-propylene glycol, flavor, glycerol, benzene alcohol, isopropyl alcohol.


ATCvet QP53А, Ectoparasiticides for topical use, incl. insecticides (QP53AF07, Fenthion)

Fenthion is an organothiophosphate insecticide. The mode of its action is blocking acetylcholinesterase (AChE) in synapses of the central nervous system of a parasite this resulting in its death. Fenthion penetrates poorly the hematoencephalic barrier of warm-blooded animals, but, if applied externally, is easily absorbed through the skin and enters the blood. Blood-sucking parasites die due to the entry of fenthion into their organism with animals’ blood.


The medicinal product is employed to treat and prevent the infestation of wingless ectoparasite insects (siphonapteroses) in cats: Ctenocephalides felis (the cat flea), Ctenocephalides canis (the dog flea), Pulex irritans (the human flea).


Before using the medicinal product, cut off the pipette tip with scissors.

Use the medicinal product externally through application to the animal’s skin in the shoulder area and along the backbone at the following dose level: one 1.0-mL pipette for cats of more than 2 kg in body weight and of more than one year of age.

A single treatment of animals prevents the infestation of ectoparasite insects for 3-6 weeks. Animals are treated repeatedly 3-4 weeks later.


Hypersensitivity to fenthion.

Do not apply the medicinal product to kittens of up to 2 kg in body weight and of up to one year of age!

Do not use in animals simultaneously with, or within several days prior to or after, the treatment or effect of medicinal products that inhibit cholinesterase, such as carbamates, levamisol, morantel, pyrantel.

Do not use fenthion in animals suffering from diarrhea, chronic constipation, colics, convulsions, breathing troubles, renal and/or cardiac impairment.

Do not apply the medicinal product to debilitated, sick, and starved animals.

Do not use in females during pregnancy and lactation.


In sensitive animals after treatment or in animals which have licked the medicinal product off immediately after its application, nervous disorder signs such as, for example, hypersalivation, vomiting, anxiety, abdominal distention, generalized tremor, generalized tremor, respiratory disturbance, unsteady gait, may occur. These signs disappear in a few minutes with no additional treatment. In allergic complications, such as skin rash, itch, and edemas, desensitizing therapy is recommended. As an antidote, atropine sulfate may be used.

In the event of large damages of skin, a topical treatment with fenthion may result in an excessive absorption by the skin with parasympathetic symptoms developed.

Depolarizing neuromuscular relaxants may not be used during 10 days after the administration of organic phosphorus substances, for these enhance side effects.

Do not combine fenthion with neuroleptic agents.

In young animals and pregnant females, use the medicinal product as carefully as possible.

Comply with the basic hygiene and safety rules accepted in handling veterinary medicinal products.

Treat animals in the open; when doing so, wear rubber gloves.

Apply the medicinal product to areas inaccessible for licking off; do allow other animals to lick the medicinal product off.

Do not smoke, do not drink, and do not eat when treating animals with the medicinal product.

Following the handling the medicinal product, wash your hands with soap and warm water; wash and dry up the gloves. In case of skin contact or eye contact, immediately wash the skin or flush the eyes with running water.

Avoid the medicinal product from contacting the animal’s eyes. Do not apply the medicinal product to damaged skin and wounds.

After the treatment of animals with the medicinal product, do not stroke them and do not allow children to contact them until the animal’s hairs have been dried fully. Also, after the treatment of animals, they should not sleep together with their owners, especially with children.

Clean and treat periodically with the appropriate insecticides items of care and places of keeping pets, such as litters, carpets, furniture.


1.0-mL polymeric dropping ampoules or pipette vials. Secondary package: carton.


Store at a dry place protected from light at between 5 °С and 25 °С. Keep out of reach of children.


18 months of the date of manufacture.

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