Baktiofur 10%

Baktiofur 10%
Baktiofur 10%
Ingredients: Ceftiofur
Application: Injection
Type of formulation: Antibiotic


Oily suspension for injections from white to light brown color.


1 ml of the preparation contains active substance:
free acid of crystalline сeftiofur -100 mg.
Auxiliary substances: cottonseed oil, triglycerides with medium length of chain.

Pharmacological properties

ATC vet classification code QJ01 – anti-infective veterinary preparations for system application.
Сeftiofur is a semi-synthetic antibiotic of third generation cephalosporins group. It possesses a wide spectrum of action against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria (Pasteurella haemolytica (Mannheimia spp.), Escherichia coli, Pasteurella multocida, Haemophilus somnus, Heamophilus parasuis, Fusobacterium necrophorum and Bacteroides melaninogenicus (Porphyromonas asaccharolytica), Arcanobacterium pyogenes, Fusobacterium necrophorum, Pasteurella multocida,  Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae and Streptococcus suis). Сeftiofur inhibits (suppresses) synthesis of cell walls of bacteria, suppressing synthesis of peptidoglycan.
Сeftiofur shows active effect on the following pathogens which cause respiratory and other infectious diseases in pigs: Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae, Pasteurella multocida, Heamophilus parasuis and Streptococcus suis.
After parenteral administration, сeftiofur is rapidly metabolized into desferalceftiofur, active metabolite. Due to the binding to plasma proteins, active ceftiofur metabolite is concentrated in the site of inflammation.
Maximum concentration in blood plasma is observed after 22 hours after administration of the preparation. Preparation excretion from the organism occurs within 10 days after administration. Сeftiofur is excreted from organism mostly with urine and partially with feces.


Treatment of pigs suffering from septicemia, polyarthritis, polyserositis as well as when pulmonary organs diseases and other infectious diseases caused by microorganisms sensitive to ceftiofur.


Intramuscularly at a dose of 1 ml of the preparation for 20 kg of body mass (5 mg of сeftiofur for kg of body mass) once to the neck area.
Prior to use a vial with the preparation should be thoroughly shaken to homogeneous suspension obtaining and sediment resuspension.
For determining of a necessary dose and avoiding insufficient amount of the preparation administration, it is necessary to accurately determine mass of animal. Maximum volume of the preparation for administration into one site must not exceed 4 ml.


Do not apply to animals with increased sensitivity to B-lactam antibiotics.
Do not administer intravenously.


Slaughter of animals for meat is permitted after 71 days after last application of the preparation.
Obtained before specified period meat is disposed or fed to non productive animals, depending on conclusion of veterinary medicine doctor.
Application of the preparation should be based on pathogens sensitivity determination as well as taking into account of local rules of antimicrobial preparations application.
Penicillins and cephalosporins can cause reactions of hypersensitivity after injection, inhaling, ingestion or contact with skin. Hypersensitivity to penicillins can cause cross-reactions to сephaIosporins and on the contrary. Allergic reactions to these substances sometimes can be severe.
When application of the preparation in accordance to the package leaflet, side effects and complications are usually not observed. In particular cases, formation of swelling and area of alopecia at the site of administration of the preparation, which disappears within 56 days after administration of the preparation are possible.
Should avoid of accidental administration of the preparation to a human. In case of accidental injection to a human, consult a doctor immediately showing the package leaflet or the preparation label. Working with the preparation to people with increased sensitivity to B-lactam antibiotics is not recommended.
In case of preparation contact with skin, rinse thoroughly with soap and water. In case of contact with eyes rinse with pure water immediately.

Form of presentation

Vials of neutral glass (marks NS-1, NS-2, UPS-1) closed with rubber stoppers under aluminum crimp seal of 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 ml. Secondary package – cardboard box.


Dry, dark, out of the reach of children place at a temperature from 5°C to 25°C.
Shelf life - 2 years from the date of manufacture while observing the storing conditions in a closed package.
After first withdrawal from the vial the preparation should be used within 14 days, under conditions of storing in a dark place at a temperature from 0 °С to 8 °С.
For applications in veterinary medicine!

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